Family Visit!

4:55 PM

So, it's been awhile! Life has just been crazy, and wow do I feel like I say that way too often. Life is good, but crazy! We were gone this past weekend visiting family in Ohio, and it was the breath of fresh air that I needed. I cannot say enough that I love and adore our family here in PA, they're all fantastic and I was blessed to marry into a family that I actually really do like to be around. That being said, I sure do miss my fam back in the "MidWest"...seriously never thought of Ohio as the midwest in my life.

This weekend was filled with lots of visits, meeting a best friends baby boy, sitting for way too many hours in my old high school gym, and long car rides!

Sleeping through the wrestling tournament on Grandma's lap

Oh, ya know, just reading a book with Grandpa and the dog

Grandpa love 
Two days spent in my high school gym cheering on baby bro

We've decided our kid has probably the most road miles behind him than any other kid his age, and he's a pro traveler! Baby brother ( who is 6'5'' by the way) came in 2nd for his weight class, woohoo! Now we're home again and back to reality of work, school, and two dogs.

With Love,

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It's the little things

5:13 PM

Linking up with Hello Hue this week!

This week totally is about the little things in this house!

We kicked off the week with a boy who just wanted to snuggle and be loved and lets be honest those are the best moments of all! We skipped unpacking and soaked it all up!

We had to start supplementing milk supply went down the drain despite a valiant effort to keep it up. On the positive note we scored our formula uber cheap on Amazon!

We're getting back to our eat clean roots!

Continuing to be thankful for this little man and that at 9.5 months we're finally nailing down a bedtime routine and Momma and Dadda are getting some much needed ZZZ's!

We also scored this wonderful walker at Target on clearance normally $30 for $14.93...seriously Target  clearance is the best!

With Love,
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5:28 PM

So, you probably noticed (or maybe you didn't) we were totally M.I.A. on here for just got crazy! Not bad crazy...just crazy. We worked like crazy the week before Christmas, hit the high seas for our Christmas cruise, and returned to work the day after we returned. After getting home we had to attempt to get the boy back on a schedule...because momma needs sleep! Here are some photos from our last month to catch you up!

Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

There will be another Emeigh Lady added to the clan! Congrats Scott and Kim

My most favorite little man ever

Two of my best guys as we leave NYC
With Love,
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Wordless{ish} Wednesday

11:27 AM

Big milestones for our boy this week! I discovered him like this yesterday morning. That's right stood himself up! Today, he can now sit up all by himself as well. It's going too fast!

With Love,

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Show and Tell Monday

11:35 AM

Show and Tell Monday: Christmas Talk

1. Tell us what your favorite thing about Christmas is.

My favorite things about Christmas are bringing family and even the unexpected close together. The giving to people in need and common goals to help others out this season can bring us all together. If we get down deep, the best thing about Christmas is the reason for the season, Jesus. It's a time of year that we all can come back to our faith if we haven't felt as connected. It's a time that we all can remember how blessed we are. It really is my most favorite time of the risk sounding corny.

2. Tell us what your plans for Christmas are this year.

This year we've been especially blessed by my in-laws, we're all going on a cruise! We're leaving the 23rd and will return the 29th. We'll spend Christmas day at Epcot, hit Grand Stirrup Cay, Nassau, and back to NYC. While it's something totally different, and we'll miss our Ohio and far away family it's going to be jam packed full of great memories!

3. Show us a picture of Christmas in the Past.

Christmas morning two years ago with one of our beasts.

4. Do you wrap your presents all in one box, or wrap each present separately?

Usually separately, I love under the tree to look nice and full! We even wrap what goes in the stockings!

5. Tell us and special traditions you and your family like to do?

On my side we always get up in the morning eat breakfast together and sit down and read the story of baby Jesus and reflect on what this day was really about, then dig into presents! On the hubs side it's a tradition to go to Christmas Eve service at church and then everyone gets a matching set of PJ's, yes even as adults we get excited for matching PJ's!

With Love,
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Wordless{ish} Wednesday

8:24 AM

This is belated, but welcome to the world Colby James! My dear friends Holly & Ben welcomed their 2nd blessing this past Friday and added their little boy to their family, and Calleigh became a big sister!

If you notice there is a picture of Holly's parents taped up on the surgical drape. About a month and a half ago Gina, Holly's mom, passed away after a battle with breast cancer. I know Mama Gina was looking down and blessing that day with the biggest smile on her face.

To donate to the fight against breast cancer check out The Gina Brunen Memorial Fund.

With Love,
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