It's the little things

5:13 PM

Linking up with Hello Hue this week!

This week totally is about the little things in this house!

We kicked off the week with a boy who just wanted to snuggle and be loved and lets be honest those are the best moments of all! We skipped unpacking and soaked it all up!

We had to start supplementing milk supply went down the drain despite a valiant effort to keep it up. On the positive note we scored our formula uber cheap on Amazon!

We're getting back to our eat clean roots!

Continuing to be thankful for this little man and that at 9.5 months we're finally nailing down a bedtime routine and Momma and Dadda are getting some much needed ZZZ's!

We also scored this wonderful walker at Target on clearance normally $30 for $14.93...seriously Target  clearance is the best!

With Love,
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  1. three cheers for amazon deals, that yummy looking fish dish and Target clearance!

    snuggling a babe is priceless

    over from the little things link up


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