Tea Time Tuesday

9:51 PM

I may have moved from one addiction to another. This is just a small portion of the teas that we currently have in our pantry. Kurt and I went to the mall the other day and I may have splurged on some amazing tea. I honestly could barely stand to walk away from it, 50% off of the seasonal teas that they had which saved some major dinero! 

This tea is a yummy bunch of goodness. I took a whiff at the store and wasn't really sure what to think. They let me take a taste, and I fell in love.

This chai blend is amazing. I first picked it up when we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. It's a great tea to start your day, and it's a tea that I enjoy without adding a darn thing to it.

Three amazing new teas, and one was already a part of our kitchen. Tao De Fruit, Tahitian Limeade, Youthberry Orange Blossom, and a blend of White Avuredic and Samurai Chai Mate...all are seriously yummy teas! So, instead of cracking open that ice cold can of Diet Coke, I've turned to a nice hot cup of tea. With the cold weather, it hits the spot! I look forward to trying some of these, like the Tahitian Limeade, iced to perfection!

After working my first day shift in a long time, coming home to a nice cup of this curled up on the couch with the pups is calling my name. If only the husbud was going to be here with me! 

So here's to continuing on my journey of being pop, or soda (I seriously get a funny look every time I say pop here in eastern PA) free!

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  1. you would fit in so well with my in-laws. i've never been a big fan, but i have to admit, anytime i pass a teavana, i can't help but want to go inside. it's so pretty!

  2. These all look and sound SO amazing!! I'm an avid tea drinker too, so I must know more about this Teavana! Do they have any here in Cincy?

  3. I just got obsessed with candy cane green tea. It's SO good and I'm not even a tea drinker. Good luck!


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