Biggest Loser - Work Edition

11:00 PM

The weight loss bug has captured my place of employment and I felt like I should join the bandwagon and join the mini Biggest Loser competition they are having. We all pay $1 and weigh in tomorrow, and then have until Feb 28th to see who loses the most weight, and who loses the biggest % of body fat. I figured I'd join in and if I win, get a nice lump of money in ADDITION to losing some of those extra lbs! So, here's to losing weight, and getting up and braving the winter storm to weigh in at work on my day off!

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  1. yayyyyy! good for you :) we should probably help each other with accountability. just sayin...

    (that means that i totally fell off the wagon this week with P90X and am having a hard time motivating myself to jump back on)


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