You Get What You Give

11:17 AM

Emeigh/Suess Family Christmas (a "few" members missing) 2009
Sorry, to the few readers that I have, for the delay this week in blogging. It's been a week full of work, job searching, and family time. The week started off with Kurt's grandfather, Pop, in the CICU at St. Luke's this week, and then moving to St. Luke's Hospice on Wednesday. We're headed there soon for more family time with Pop and others.  It's been a bit of an emotional week, as an RN I have more insight into what is going on with Pop, I see the benchmarks that he is hitting in the hospice process, and it's all bringing me back to when my grandfathers were on hospice in 2009, both a bittersweet experience.  I seem to almost have flashbacks to moments with my Grandpa Jerry from when I was taking care of him during his final days, and I've made a couple tearful calls to my mom back in Ohio sharing memories with her, and her heart and prayers go out to the whole family here in PA during this time.

The hospice care is wonderful, the staff is great, many memories, stories, and laughs are shared, along with tears and hugs. While many of us were there yesterday the St. Luke's Hospice chaplain came into the room and visited us and was so pleased to see us smiling, and telling stories and he said well "you all seem to be doing great. What a great environment for Hal to spend his final days, with all of this love surrounding him." I think in that moment we all stopped the idle chatter and story telling and looked up at the chaplain as he said, "You only get this kind of love, unless you've given that love out your whole life." I think that chaplain successfully brought a tear to every person in Pop's room right then.

It's so true that in the final days of someones life, you can really see how that person must have lived their life and the legacy that they built. It really is ALL about love. Giving love and support to one another. Families rally together to be with the loved one and with each other. I remember the camp out we had of inflatable mattresses and my grandparents home in Ohio while Grandpa was on hospice. We cooked together and shared stories, and it's the exact same experience we're having here now with Kurt's grandfather, Pop. 

Pop's 90th birthday 2010
It seems that there is no better way to leave this Earth into the Lord's arms than to be receiving the love from your family, friends, and loved ones that you gave our your entire life. 
You really do get what you give.

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