Valentine's Day Card

1:35 AM

Our wedding bands and 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7
So, this post is inspired by a Valentine's Day Card competition. This photo will soon grace the wall of our bedroom. It's our wedding bands with a portion of scripture read from our wedding, and many other weddings, 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.

The photo, taken by me one day at the first house we had together in Cincinnati, represents us a lot. Our marriage and lives are Christ centered. Christ is who brought us together, and we try to live our daily lives putting Him first, and letting our love grow in His image. The scripture is right, Love never fails. Our love for each other, for Christ, and His love for us never lets us down. Times may be tough, not always a walk in the park, but our love for one another, and our love and trust in Him gets us through it all...the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly. 

Spoiler Alert: I think photo may be the winner for the homemade card that the hubs gets this year :)

Along with Valentine's Day comes another great day, the day after in fact, which is the hubs birthday. Seriously, we jam pack events in a couple of months. Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Kurt's Birthday, and my birthday all before April. Not to mention that the Momma-in-Love, both Scott and Jana's (brother/seester-in-law), my dad, my aunt, and my uncle's birthdays are all in the mix as well, yikes!

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  1. What a beautiful photo. SO... you totally won my give away, e-mail me your address and full name when you get a chance!

    ps. I'm a Christian too, so how cool that of all the people to win my give away, it was another follower of Jesus Christ! I'm so glad you won because it allowed me to meet another Jesus lover. : )

  2. Hold the phone?! I won! That is fantastic! I'm loving this blogging thing, I'm meeting so many other JC lovers!! I'll email you shortly!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!


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