The Thunder Shirt

12:11 PM

Seriously, God's gift blessing to dog owners!

Our problem child 
Ok, so like I mentioned before we are totally dog parents, and we love our dogs to death. Bailey, while she's super super stubborn and has been really difficult to train. She is a lab something mix, and is the exact opposite of Bear (the laziest and pretty much most perfect dog anyone can ask for). Bailey will bark until she gets what she wants, will often do exactly what you ask her NOT to do, and has endless energy. Overall, she really is a great dog. She is loving, and very playful, and is super smart. One of our biggest issues is that when people come over to "play" with us (in her eyes), all she wants to do is play with them. Jumping on them the minute they get in the door, barking like crazy, and chooses to use them as a personal jungle gym. 
The trainer that we recently took Bailey to explained that this actually may be nervous excitement, or anxiety. She taught us this little trick with a leash that immediately calmed Bailey, it's amazing how it works, but I hated that there would be this leash hanging off of her while she is trying to walk around our house. The trainer instructed us that it was based off of The Thunder Shirt. This thing is AMAZING and I'm currently ordering a second one, because we must have a back up. Bailey really had no issues with putting the thing on, she didn't fight it and never tried to get it off. She was so calm and basically just laid around with it on, and I thought "Eh, maybe she is just being a bum". The true test came when "Daddy" got home...and not ONE bark came from Bailey. She greeted him at the door tail wagging waiting for his kisses and love! 

I would highly recommend this to anyone having anxiety issues with their dogs. It helps with crating, travel, storms, and with guests in your home.  Check it out here!

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  1. THANK YOU! a million times THANK YOU! My new pit bull puppy, while darling and sweet, gets too excited and is crazy. Imagine a crazy tornado that happens to weigh a ton = embarrassing. So thank you. xo

  2. That's exactly how Bailey was! We think she might be mixed with a tornado...or maybe a hurricane (she can be really slobbery!). By the way...I got my winnings today! They are momma-in-love saw them and is ordering a pair!


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