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7:00 PM

Thanks to WW I am taking off the LBS little by little...ONE POUND this week. Hey, at least it's something right?! It's not TOTALLY thanks to WW. I have been kickin' it into high gear and have been walking the dogs at least once a day, and doing my own workout in addition. I could let it bother me that it's only one pound (and it's taking some self control for it to NOT bother me), but instead I am focusing that it is still ONE POUND lighter than I was last week!

Look for a longer post tonight! In the meantime, take a look at a few other homes we like!

Adorable, Double Lot, and price friendly!

So, this first house you can take a look at by clicking here. It's very close to where we live now...not even a quarter mile. It's on a double lot, TONS of room for the pups. It's been completely renovated and check out that amazing deck. No formal dining room, and on a busy road, but we planned on immediately fencing in with a privacy fence.

Cute, media room in the basement, and a cedar ROOM
That's right kids...a cedar ROOM. Don't let the look of this house fool you, it's actually quite spacious. Three bedrooms, two full baths, pool, dining room, living room, and finished basement/media room with a wet bar! You can check it out by clicking here. Downfall is that it's not exactly where we'd like to be right off of Stefko, and the pool is actually kind of a downfall. Not really into keeping it up, and it takes up a great deal of the backyard, which is valuable space for the dogs. Also, I think it's a little over priced.

Feel free to leave feedback!

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  1. Well done - 1 pound! Whoohoo. I'm celebrating and doing a little happy dance on your behalf. Of course, your pound has probably made it's way over here in Australia (had a big eating weekend), so perhaps not so thrilled about that! And either house is gorgeous. I'll take them both ;) xx

  2. Don't forget that since you are being more active, you are probably gaining muscle too, so you may have lost more weight than you think! You're probably just getting toned too. Good job!


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