Biggest Loser - Work Edition

11:00 PM

The weight loss bug has captured my place of employment and I felt like I should join the bandwagon and join the mini Biggest Loser competition they are having. We all pay $1 and weigh in tomorrow, and then have until Feb 28th to see who loses the most weight, and who loses the biggest % of body fat. I figured I'd join in and if I win, get a nice lump of money in ADDITION to losing some of those extra lbs! So, here's to losing weight, and getting up and braving the winter storm to weigh in at work on my day off!


Operation Lose Weight

10:47 PM

So, for some time I've been saying I was going to lose weight/get in shape....saying is the operative word there. Little has actually been done to shed any of those pesky lbs.  So, I have vowed to lose at least 30 pounds by our annual trip to the beach in July. I have 22 weeks, which in turn means I just have to lose a little over a pound a week...seriously I should be able to do that right?! I have issues with my thyroid which does make it difficult...but not impossible and I think I've been using it as a mental crutch/excuse to not TRY to lose weight and really set my mind to it, because I was just getting SO frustrated with dieting and working out and not seeing results. Therefore, I'd just give up.

This time around I'm not dieting, I'm just going to eat better and really focus on portion control. The hubs and I are only eating out one night a week, on our date night. I really have been feeling the desire to do this since reading Candace Cameron Bure's book Reshaping It All,  you should really check it out. It's got me super motivated, and has some great suggestions on how to rely on your faith, get/stay fit, and some great recipes that she uses in her own home.

So here's to getting started on what will be a long journey. I'm not planning on stopping at the beach goal weight, it's just a starting point!


My goal for next blog EVERY day!

1:22 PM

Again, here is the apology for only blogging ONCE in a week. It's been a hectic, sad, and lovely week all in one. Pop returned to the arms of Jesus on Monday and we've had family dinners, gatherings, planning, and a memorial service to attend this week. And while all were amazing and therapeutic, they take up time and the emotions/stress leave you feeling exhausted. The main reason I think that when Kurt and I returned home each night we don't even remember falling asleep because it happened so quickly. 

While we were left feeling exhausted the nights spent with the family were amazing. Dinners, story telling, games, and yes we even did a family beer tasting (seriously, we did this. Twenty two beers and eleven family members)! Last night was the final night that everyone was in town, and it was completed with a game of spoons. I married into a family of some intense game players and I love it! I think there may have been some blood shed during the game last night from the attempts to claim a spoon.

 My goal next week is to post EVERY day, here's to achieving that!


Wordless Sunday?

11:04 PM

So, today was spent at hospice with Pop. We got home to our wonderful pups and the comfy bed with the hubs and pups is calling my name. Here are a few shots of us playing in the snow the other day!

Bear spotted another dog

She's having SO much fun! 
Seriously...she's special...covered in snow

I love my little family!


You Get What You Give

11:17 AM

Emeigh/Suess Family Christmas (a "few" members missing) 2009
Sorry, to the few readers that I have, for the delay this week in blogging. It's been a week full of work, job searching, and family time. The week started off with Kurt's grandfather, Pop, in the CICU at St. Luke's this week, and then moving to St. Luke's Hospice on Wednesday. We're headed there soon for more family time with Pop and others.  It's been a bit of an emotional week, as an RN I have more insight into what is going on with Pop, I see the benchmarks that he is hitting in the hospice process, and it's all bringing me back to when my grandfathers were on hospice in 2009, both a bittersweet experience.  I seem to almost have flashbacks to moments with my Grandpa Jerry from when I was taking care of him during his final days, and I've made a couple tearful calls to my mom back in Ohio sharing memories with her, and her heart and prayers go out to the whole family here in PA during this time.

The hospice care is wonderful, the staff is great, many memories, stories, and laughs are shared, along with tears and hugs. While many of us were there yesterday the St. Luke's Hospice chaplain came into the room and visited us and was so pleased to see us smiling, and telling stories and he said well "you all seem to be doing great. What a great environment for Hal to spend his final days, with all of this love surrounding him." I think in that moment we all stopped the idle chatter and story telling and looked up at the chaplain as he said, "You only get this kind of love, unless you've given that love out your whole life." I think that chaplain successfully brought a tear to every person in Pop's room right then.

It's so true that in the final days of someones life, you can really see how that person must have lived their life and the legacy that they built. It really is ALL about love. Giving love and support to one another. Families rally together to be with the loved one and with each other. I remember the camp out we had of inflatable mattresses and my grandparents home in Ohio while Grandpa was on hospice. We cooked together and shared stories, and it's the exact same experience we're having here now with Kurt's grandfather, Pop. 

Pop's 90th birthday 2010
It seems that there is no better way to leave this Earth into the Lord's arms than to be receiving the love from your family, friends, and loved ones that you gave our your entire life. 
You really do get what you give.


Interview Daze

2:08 PM

My first stethoscope and my graduation cap

Today has been a great day and its only 2:00 pm! I started off the day by getting up, showering, and putting the finishing touches on the perfect interview ensemble. I finally decided to go with the black blazer, black high waisted slacks, an great cream embelished top from target, and a super cute pair of black flats. Then sat down here at the computer and did some last minute interview prep, thinking over what my strengths and weaknesses are in the work place and how I've grown so far into the role of an RN. While brushing up on interviewing skills I suddenly realized something, I have never not been hired for a job that I interviewed for. Sure, I've not gotten jobs that I applied for, but I never got interviews with those jobs. I honestly couldn't believe that I had never noticed this before, but I had always gotten the job that I interviewed for. This put a big giant smile on my face for the interview.

I went on my merry way to the interview, a whopping four minutes from our house. I met with one of the nicest, approachable and professional directors of nursing that I have ever met. Immediately you could sense how much he truly enjoyed and cared about his job. My interview lasted nearly an hour which concluded with me being told, "You're pretty much perfect for this position. I have to discuss things with the director of the facility and we will get back with you about our decision." I feel great after leaving it, and couldn't want the job anymore. It's at a local outpatient surgical facility and I'd be working in their OR and PACU.  While I'm on this high from a great interview I find myself left in a little bit of a daze. The adrenaline has worn off and I feel like I could sleep the rest of the day (although I haven' has been done, and soon the dogs and I will go to play). The waiting game has begun for that call to let me know if I have the job or don't. It's nerve wracking, was I good enough? I may have been "perfect" for the job, but three other people interviewed for the position before I did.  I'll be sure to keep you all in the know about the outcome of the interview!


Tea Time Tuesday

9:51 PM

I may have moved from one addiction to another. This is just a small portion of the teas that we currently have in our pantry. Kurt and I went to the mall the other day and I may have splurged on some amazing tea. I honestly could barely stand to walk away from it, 50% off of the seasonal teas that they had which saved some major dinero! 

This tea is a yummy bunch of goodness. I took a whiff at the store and wasn't really sure what to think. They let me take a taste, and I fell in love.

This chai blend is amazing. I first picked it up when we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. It's a great tea to start your day, and it's a tea that I enjoy without adding a darn thing to it.

Three amazing new teas, and one was already a part of our kitchen. Tao De Fruit, Tahitian Limeade, Youthberry Orange Blossom, and a blend of White Avuredic and Samurai Chai Mate...all are seriously yummy teas! So, instead of cracking open that ice cold can of Diet Coke, I've turned to a nice hot cup of tea. With the cold weather, it hits the spot! I look forward to trying some of these, like the Tahitian Limeade, iced to perfection!

After working my first day shift in a long time, coming home to a nice cup of this curled up on the couch with the pups is calling my name. If only the husbud was going to be here with me! 

So here's to continuing on my journey of being pop, or soda (I seriously get a funny look every time I say pop here in eastern PA) free!


Wow It's 2011...when did that happen??

12:06 AM

So, I find it hard to believe that it is already 2011, anyone else with me?!

 This year I've decided to kick the habit of drinking pop (soda for those of you east coasters). I am a complete addict when it comes to Diet Coke. I honestly drink way too much of the stuff and it's just not good for me. I found myself first grabbing for one of those tasty and bubbly beverages when I was thirsty instead of a nice glass of water. Today I was successful and honestly it was not hard at all, and I thought it would be, woohoo!

This year I am looking forward to getting back into shape and just treating my body right. I want to get back into running, and lose some of this poundage (if we look back to the people thinking I'm pregnant at the family's necessary!). We want to become more active in church and really make it our priority to get there. We like going, it's not something we feel we HAVE to do, but we also need to not put it on the back burner. 

 I'm not considering these as resolutions for the year 2011, but as resolutions from here on out. So, wish me luck and I'll keep you all updated!

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