Interview Daze

2:08 PM

My first stethoscope and my graduation cap

Today has been a great day and its only 2:00 pm! I started off the day by getting up, showering, and putting the finishing touches on the perfect interview ensemble. I finally decided to go with the black blazer, black high waisted slacks, an great cream embelished top from target, and a super cute pair of black flats. Then sat down here at the computer and did some last minute interview prep, thinking over what my strengths and weaknesses are in the work place and how I've grown so far into the role of an RN. While brushing up on interviewing skills I suddenly realized something, I have never not been hired for a job that I interviewed for. Sure, I've not gotten jobs that I applied for, but I never got interviews with those jobs. I honestly couldn't believe that I had never noticed this before, but I had always gotten the job that I interviewed for. This put a big giant smile on my face for the interview.

I went on my merry way to the interview, a whopping four minutes from our house. I met with one of the nicest, approachable and professional directors of nursing that I have ever met. Immediately you could sense how much he truly enjoyed and cared about his job. My interview lasted nearly an hour which concluded with me being told, "You're pretty much perfect for this position. I have to discuss things with the director of the facility and we will get back with you about our decision." I feel great after leaving it, and couldn't want the job anymore. It's at a local outpatient surgical facility and I'd be working in their OR and PACU.  While I'm on this high from a great interview I find myself left in a little bit of a daze. The adrenaline has worn off and I feel like I could sleep the rest of the day (although I haven' has been done, and soon the dogs and I will go to play). The waiting game has begun for that call to let me know if I have the job or don't. It's nerve wracking, was I good enough? I may have been "perfect" for the job, but three other people interviewed for the position before I did.  I'll be sure to keep you all in the know about the outcome of the interview!

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  1. Ooooo, so excited for you, although I think you know the selfish part of me wants you in Fort Wayne so much more :) I'll be keeping you in my prayers!

    Also, I interviewed for a part-time position with the Y last week, but just found out I didn't get the position. When I got the call to let me know I didn't get it, I had a big smile on my face. I didn't feel great about the position, but I had made a deal with God that if it was his will for me to be there, that I would be offered the job, and if that happened, I would be faithful and take it. Now I'm just hoping he was using that interview to help me brush up on my skills before I interview for the other Y position I applied for and want soooo badly. We need to catch up soon. Do you have Skype?

  2. We do need to catch up! I do have skype, what is your name on there? I'm leaving this in God's hands, it's all up to him!


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