8:30 PM

Nina Elyse

Baby fever that is! This was from a recent baby session I did for a co-worker and good friend of her new little baby girl, and wow that little bean makes your ovaries/uterus ache! She was 6 pounds 12 ounces of pure cuteness, and I had SO much fun taking pictures of her! Hanging out with babies, especially little stinkin' cute ones like Nina will give anyone baby fever, and I'm just going to have to keep visits up to get my fix. No babies for us just yet, more weight to lose, and obtain more financial stability, then babies can join this part of the Emeigh family. For now, fur babies and other peoples little ones will have to do!

By the way, check out Nina's sneak peek's here!


Thus far

9:10 PM

So, we started this Dukan Diet about 5 weeks ago and I've lost 17 lbs...great! Right?! I need to be thankful for what I have lost so far, but I still have so much left it's really that it is hard to keep the big picture in sight. I want to lose about 50 more big LBS! I'm happy with the progress I've made so far for a whopping day, then quickly lose sight of that, and it is replaced with negative thoughts about how much I HAVEN'T lost...ugh!

To make matters worse, we're leaving for vacation in t-minus 13 days, and I am SO not ready. At least my body isn't ready yet! It's for sure going to be a one piece week at the beach! Hopefully the sunshine, downtime, and the hopeful tan that I will get will help how I feel. The week although relaxing, is going to be filled with lots of activity. Runs/walks on the beach, swimming, and bike rides. On a side note, it's our two year wedding anniversary down there and I cannot wait to celebrate two wonderful years with my husband.

Hopefully, I'll be officially over food poisoning by tomorrow and can get back to Couch 2 5K.


Under the Weather

8:43 PM

So, while the weather here has been decent this lady has been quite under the weather...thanks food poisoning!

Work ordered us dinner, and it backfired

This lovely item above gave my stomach one heck of a fight, and my stomach lost...horribly. Currently laying on the couch and probably will remain here for the next few days.

KFC, you and I will never meet again!

In other news, my good friend Maria is currently in labor with her little bundle of joy Nina, who should join us in this great world this evening!



4:22 PM

Look at my beautiful puppies out in our GREEN yard!

Bear...what a handsome devil!

Bailey, in her own per usual

My little fur babies

I don't think it's possible to love my dogs too much! I'm entering these photos to this blog competition, check it out!



10:08 PM

So, Kurt and I TOTALLY caved on our date We've followed our diet for the last three weeks and we just couldn't resist. We worked an event in Boyertown, PA (btw totally charming little place). After, we stopped at a garage sale, drooled at all of the amazing historic homes, and by the way, at that garage sale there was an amazing antique 1800's king bed that I wanted. To the tune of $500, it's meant for someone else! Then we decided to stop for something to eat since we were famished. We stumbled upon this little baby....

The Carriage House Restaurant in East Greenville, PA
and I'm in LOVE!

This is The Carriage House Restaurant (picture courtesy of their website), and it is easily one of my new favorite places! We had the most amazing dinner. We started with cups of soup, I got french onion, and hubs went with the Maryland Crab...yum! Then we got this amazing Tyrolean mushroom strudel. Here was the description for it: Seasoned forest mushrooms, bacon, onions and pine nuts
wrapped in a flaky pastry drizzled with a porchini! Then I ate the every so yummy Chicken Adige: Sautéed chicken breast topped with fresh mozzarella cheese and tomato in a
white wine sauce. You can drool it's ok! However, we decided to skip the GIANT tray of desserts that they had available as we had already eaten ourselves stupid. 

It was a great day spent with my love, and very seldom do we get an entire day to work together and play together, such a blessing!



12:33 AM

Oh yea, by the way, you should TOTALLY see this movie!

Hello  blog world! I've been so so busy recently and I feel like I've abandoned you! So, my wonderful Seester (my sister-in-law), Jana, is gonna be a Mrs. this upcoming November and I cannot wait! Plus, I get to be a bridesmaid in the wedding, which I am beyond excited for. She was a bridesmaid in our wedding back in 2009, and now I get to be part of her big day. 

The first half of the day was spent at a small bridal boutique in Nazareth, PA checking out the fantastic dresses that they had to offer, we found some not so great ones, some horrid ones, and two pretty fantastic ones. We settled on two, I'd love to share them with you, but the only picture I have includes HER dress, and that will remain under wraps until the BIG day! Either dress will be fantastic and flattering to everyone, and the color, oh my! It's phenomenal, a rich eggplant perfect for the season. 

We all worked up an appetite, ladies you know what I'm talking about, that post shopping hunger pain....We had a nice little bridesmaid lunch at The Widows, this adorable little place right down the road from the shop. I had some yummy lettuce wraps and treated myself to a lemon drop martini (ok, Seester treated me since she treated everyone to lunch, thanks again!). 

Then I came home, updated the room assignment sheet for the lodge at the wedding, brainstormed some ideas, took a jog with the pup, and napped. All in a days work of a bridesmaid!

PS-being a bridesmaid means trying on a whole lot of dresses in a room that is all mirrors....hitting the pavement harder on my workouts and kicking the diet into higher gear!

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