My goal for next blog EVERY day!

1:22 PM

Again, here is the apology for only blogging ONCE in a week. It's been a hectic, sad, and lovely week all in one. Pop returned to the arms of Jesus on Monday and we've had family dinners, gatherings, planning, and a memorial service to attend this week. And while all were amazing and therapeutic, they take up time and the emotions/stress leave you feeling exhausted. The main reason I think that when Kurt and I returned home each night we don't even remember falling asleep because it happened so quickly. 

While we were left feeling exhausted the nights spent with the family were amazing. Dinners, story telling, games, and yes we even did a family beer tasting (seriously, we did this. Twenty two beers and eleven family members)! Last night was the final night that everyone was in town, and it was completed with a game of spoons. I married into a family of some intense game players and I love it! I think there may have been some blood shed during the game last night from the attempts to claim a spoon.

 My goal next week is to post EVERY day, here's to achieving that!

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