Dog Food Venture...Update

1:02 PM

So, the dog food venture I blogged about last week...that's about how long it lasted. Big 'ole fail in this book! The doggies loved it, but it took up too much time an energy on my part feeding two very large beasts. If we had only one slobbery mouth to feed it would be do-able, but when it's all double, it's too much work. 

Venison Meal & Whole Brown Rice : The pups new fav food!
We're back to kibble and it's the good stuff, and the doggies love it! We used to feed the dogs Nutro, and thought we would switch to less expensive food and that just didn't work either. Now after a wonderful chat with a Nutro rep last night, it was great, and we've started again on it and the dogs wolfed it down when I got home with it tonight. 

Long story short, homemade dog food is great, but time consuming!

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