I've been slacking...

9:55 PM

Sorry kids...I've been slacking this week, but for good reason! It was hubby's birthday and we both were a little under the weather..yuck I know! Let me catch you up on the first part of this week.

Valentine's Day (we actually "celebrated" this on Sunday) we treated ourselves to the AMAZING Emeril's Chop House here in Bethlehem, and YUM-O! Seriously, best steak I've had in my life. I now actually know what it's like to have steak melt in your mouth. We then were just a bunch of bums on the actually Valentine's day, we just love each other, we don't need no stinkin' special day! 

Tuesday was the hubs birthday, he's the big 2-9! We had his mom, dad, and sister over for some yummy dinner and chocolate cake (the hubs fav). It was great fun and great company.

Then I worked all day today. That's the extent of our week thus far. I promise to be more exciting tomorrow!

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