Hello 26 weeks!

8:03 PM

Forgive the poor picture quality!
Alright kids, we've made it to 26 weeks! Can you freaking believe it!? This growing belly...and baby of mine makes me smile on a daily basis! I love the little kicks, punches, and other such movements that I hear early in the morning and late at night before we go to sleep. It's become something that is a comfort to me to feel them, and I find myself waiting to feel the next little (or BIG) movement that he gives us! Oh yea, by the way, we're having a BOY! It's been far too long since I last posted. We're still very undecided in a name, but have a few front runners, and cannot wait until the little man joins us and we decide on a name for him!

This year I have hopes to keep everyone updated better and blog more...I know I said this last year, but I'm really hoping to keep up with it for our family that lives far away! 

Keep an eye out for better pictures and more updates!

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