Can I get a sponsor for this?!

6:16 PM

So, thanks to living in the great state of Pennsylvania that still recognizes pregnancy as a "pre-existing illness," I get the the lucky card to take completely unpaid maternity leave. You're ALL jealous I know! I missed having it by four days folks.

So, can we get a sponsor for this?! I'm an RN still paying off student loans, my husband is a veteran who is in school full time and working the only other hours he has off. I was hoping to take a nice long break with the little peanut, possibly not even go back to work, but those dreams are quickly being dashed. 12 weeks of FMLA is turning into maybe taking 6 weeks. I've already cried at the thought of daycare for a 6 weeks old and it's breaking my heart. 

I'm trying to keep the faith that it will all work out in the end. Currently looking for some per diem work, but since I already work 5 days a week there isn't much room for much more work. 

Pray for us, we need it, and appreciate it.

And for reals guys, if you wanna sponsor us, just let me know :) haha!

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  1. Would you have banked any vacation or sick time? My work has no maternity leave so that is what I have to use to pay myself.


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