One Hundred

2:44 PM

The first week of October we made the trek back to Ohio/Indiana to visit my far away family and celebrate my Great Grandma, Mimi Daisy, turning 100! Might I say this lady looks fantastic for being 100! I told her I can finally call her old at this point, and she found that quite amusing.

It's not very often that you get pictures of your son with his Great Great Grandmother...

But, also getting a picture with his Great Great Grandfather!

Josh had a blast and was showing off his grin to everyone. I think this was outfit two of the day...we went through four I think...oh, the joys of travel with an infant!

It was a day of lots of picture taking, sharing memories, and getting snuggle time in with our boy. Here's the lady of the day with her just plain old grandkids. Funny fact: when we said how about a picture with the grandkids these guys all went to send their own children in for the picture forgetting they were the first grandkids!

It was a long trip with lots of miles put on the car, but so worth it! You only see somebody turn 100 once!

With Love,

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