Show and Tell Monday

9:34 AM

Show and Tell Monday: My Christmas List

I don't really have much of a Christmas List this year. We're going on a cruise and I'd much rather spend the $$ on doing things on the cruise, but for the purposes of doing a link up I came up with a few things for my list!

 That lovely coffee table, at a price tag of $2700 it's not THAT one I want, I'd just like to find something similar at a thrift store. That bag, I'm already getting thanks to my Momma! It's in the prettiest yellow I've ever seen and can't wait for it to be mine! The Keurig...never thought I'd want one, but we've given in and want one...bad! A name ring  that has my little mans name one it. And of course to finish off the list is something that is ALWAYS on my list, Canon Mark II 5D DSLR.

Really though, this year has been a year of blessings already, this really is just a wish list of things that I don't need and am completely happy without. I have an amazing husband, a healthy baby boy, and a cute little roof over our heads..and we're finishing the year off with a cruise with some of our family.

With Love,

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