It's the little things

10:14 AM

Linking up with Lindsay again this week over at Hello Hue!

Kurt (and me unofficially) received a promotion from the parent company of our small business that we have. Woohoo for little victories! We've been blessed to be come a part of this company who rewards it's associates for their success. We received a little package from them a leather box, pins, and personalized business card holder.

An impromptu dinner date with my little guy. I was craving it, had no one to go with me...or so I thought! I had my little man! We went to a local yummy mexican restaurant and had our fill on the cheap.

And really this week it is about the little things, like our baby boy. He's the best little thing of all! He turned 8 months old this week, and the time sure is flying by. He's the BEST little thing of the week overall!

With Love,
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  1. Gahhhhh, he is so adorable! You're giving me baby fever :P

  2. Thanks he's my little man and gives me baby fever too!


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