My Life Currently

11:17 AM

My life currently has been a little hectic, but good, and exciting, and scary all at the same time!

- We finally started the weight loss journey, for reals this time! I'm 11 pounds down, and Kurt is down 17, can we get a woohoo?! We started the Dukan Diet, which we've realized is more than a diet, it's really just all about self discipline. We're not following it to a perfect T, because I think it's important to get some extra nutrients. But, so far it's great! We're losing weight, at a healthy pace, and soon(ish) we'll be our new skinny selves!

- I've been adjusting to a new job. It's great, just an adjustment. I work at an eye surgery center here in town, I'm getting some great experience, and meeting awesome people. It's much earlier days, and a flexible end time. It's a different pace, and I feel like I do/see something new every day!

- We decided not to buy a house, and not to move to a different rental. We, and the dogs, have become accustomed to living here. Maybe we could get into so place cheaper, but then we're going to have to pay to move, the hassle of the move, and then getting everyone used to the new thank you! So, we're going to stay here for at least 6 months.

- About that 6 months business, yes, normally a lease is for a year, but we're going to see about 6 months locked in then month to month after. Why, you ask? Because, Kurt may go active duty in the NAVY again. Scary...yes, but also exciting in a way. There is no definite answer on this yet, as Kurt is in the process of slimming down to meet the NAVY height/weight standards, and I'm so proud of him! Taking control of himself and doing what he wants to do. He respects my input, but I told him, this is his decision. He can take to heart my feelings, but this is ultimately his decision, so we shall see!

- Bailey seems to have reverted into a troublesome puppy recently, getting into everything! But we love her dearly and she does things like curl up next to us and put her head on our lap. Or, she will come up and give us sweet kisses. Our answer, we need to get her more exercise, which works wonderfully with our diet plan. I'll keep you updated how that works out.

- I've been helping teach Sunday school with my momma-in-love which will soon be coming to a close.

- There's been a little bit of family drama on my dad's side, maybe you'll get filled in later.

I'm sure there is more that I'm missing, but it's crazy, scary, and great all at the same time! I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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