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4:14 PM

Hello All!

So, it's been forever and I've been up to a lot!

Remember a few months ago when I interviewed for that dream position working in the PACU at a surgery center, I ended up not getting the position at the time. Then a couple weeks ago I got the call that a position opened up, and guess what?! I was offered the position and have been working there for about a month and I am loving it! I'm growing as a nurse, as a professional, and as a person by working there. It was a little of H-E-double hockey sticks or two weeks working two full time jobs, and eventually had to just leave my original position at the long term care facility. Now, it's amazing how much LESS stress there is, I'm typically home by 4pm, no weekends, and no holidays, it's amazing! The ladies that I work with are so much fun, and willing to teach me the ropes.

On top of it, we've been trying to get the house organized....little by little. We've put the house search on hold for now, but we'll keep you updated on what's going on.

We're also trying to figure out where the future holds for us, and where we'll be. It's an exciting crazy time in the Emeigh household right now! More details to come, and I promise more posts!

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