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2:18 PM

Well, I feel like a traitor, but I'm a Nittany Lion. I grew up right next to OSU, and have always been an OSU fan. However I just got into Penn State to go back to school, yay! At least I fit in with the PA fam a little now, but those Buckeye's will always have my heart!

In other news, I got a full time job! I was offered a full time supervisor position where I already work. I'm per diem there now, but have worked full time hours since I started in October. Now I actually will have benefits, vacation days, and other perks :)! Now to getting those school loans paid off, and eventually getting a house!

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  1. Go PSU!!! Now they will always win because they have you!
    Congratulations --- and God is truly Good!! The trick is to keep on keeping on even when things look dim - because God is always there... watching and holding us so very close to His heart.
    Love you!!! And so very proud of you!
    Mom-in-love :)


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