It (was) My Birthday!

12:13 PM

So, yesterday was my birthday! I've never been overly excited about birthdays, not that I have a problem getting older I really don't. Let's be honest...I'm 24, am I even allowed to be bothered by age yet?! I really just don't like attention on me, I love it to be on other people and I love doing things for other people, so a day focused on me is kind of a nightmare for me, haha! 

However, the day was relaxing and nice. Started off with my Sunday School kids and a surprise that my hubby orchestrated with them that included red velvet cake and a wonderful group of 4th/5th graders singing to me. Then we all headed to brunch as per usual, where we brunched and talked, and thankfully I was NOT sung to by the staff. They brought me a wonderful little chocolate muffin, which I gave to my chocolate-aholic hubby. Then my seester (Jana, my sister-in-law), my momma-in-love, and seester's fiance all went to the Lehigh Valley Bridal Show. I don't care if you're already married, it never gets old going to look at wedding stuff, taste cakes, and food.  We left there and headed to look at a house that we may potentially rent to own...however we are in our lease 'ill June, so we might miss out on it. We came home napped, and then headed back to the in-laws for some pizza, ice cream cupcakes, and a rousing game of Quelf. 
Some of the fantastic characters from Quelf. 
Just read these cards and you can see why this game is plain ridiculous

For those of you who don't know what Quelf is, you're missing out. It's quite possibly the most ridiculous and most fun it!

It was a great day, but I'd be lying to say I didn't miss my Ohio family on the day. It's been since Christmas since we've seen them, and it's rough. I love my family here dearly, but really I will never get used to being away from my Ohio family. It was amazing to talk to them and get to hear their voices, but it made me itch to get home and see them. Hopefully it will be in the next few weekends it will happen. 

One of the best things I received for my birthday was a simple text message from my oldest and best friend Maddie. She is more than just a friend, she is like a sister, and I love her dearly. She effectively made me cry my eyes out from her text...she may get a special post just about this.

All in all, I am another year older and happy (for the most part) with where I'm at right now. I love my husband dearly, he is amazing, and I couldn't ever as for a more amazing, thoughtful, and stand by me man! We have two balls of fur we love, and a cozy house to live in. He's doing great at his job at Apple, and is plugging along in school. I just got a promotion to full time, and was accepted back to finish my degree. We have our God, and he loves us. We really have a great if I could just get this weight off! 

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  1. I'm such an awful friend!! Happy belated birthday, you!!

  2. NO worries! You are not an awful friend, you're busy! Love you dearly!


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