She's My Lobster

5:24 PM

Ok, ok...don't get the wrong idea! I know I may be using the expression incorrectly, but oh well! I love my hubby dearly and he is my other half whom I love with ALL of my heart, and he is my best friend. But, there is something about having that best girlfriend to be able to go to for anything and everything and never having to explain it. Well, that lady is my best friend Maddie. (I think Kurt loves that I have Maddie, and he often says "We should move to where Maddie moves!").

Maddie May and I on the hubs and my wedding day
We've been best friends since 5th grade, we're talking almost 14 years of friendship, and seriously I think we know anything and everything there is to know about one another. We've gone through ALL sorts of things together, and really are like sisters. We can go weeks without talking to each other and then be right back into the swing of things in one fowl swoop when we need to be there for each other! 

So, if you go back to the post that I made yesterday I blogged about the wonderful text message that I got from her. I just have to share it with you all!

"I know a birthday text doesn't really have quite the same strong emotional effect as a card, or if it were in person, but I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and say how blessed I am to have you as a friend, as an influence, and as a supporter. You are such a strong girl and you have so much beauty and life ahead of you, I can't wait to see what comes next. You are a gift and so much love and warmth comes out of this friendship for me. Thank you for always being there and caring. You are such such such a lovely person. I can't believe how many memories God has given us, and He continues to keep us bonded despite distance and relationships and struggle. There is something to be said about how we can be so far away and still keep our friendship. I love you Smichy :) happy day <3"

Yup...she's my lobster!

P.S.- I have several AMAZING friends who have been there for me in so so so many ways. I live an amazingly blessed life :)

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  1. That's so sweet. : ) And Happy Belated Birthday! I'm 24 too and my b-day was this Month as well, such an awkward in between age. haha And I feel like such a dork, because I JUST realized that I meant to write no bake cookies, NOT monster cookies!? HOWEVER, my stupid goof up has led me to believe I should most definitely try the combo. Thanks for the suggestion!


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