Right Now

11:03 AM

Sorry for being MIA this week. It's been hectic, stressful, and just plain busy! I'll fill you in on the busy, hectic, and stressful week something soon. So, after having one day to decompress I am now back to blogging.

Here is a list of things I am doing right now:
iPad 2..I want it SO bad!

1-I am currently drooling over the iPad 2. I stuck it out a whole year since wanting the original iPad, because I knew another new and exciting one would come out with a camera and all sorts of fancy ones. So now....I want it! And would appreciate it as a birthday gift! My birthday happens to be two days after the release. Coincidence...I think not!

2- I'm treating my ears to this little girl. She amazes me, seriously so mature beyond her years, and is just stinkin' cute! Honestly all of her stuff is good, especially for an 11 year old! She was on Ellen a couple years ago.

3- I'm sprucing up my letter of interest to take to work for another job. Seriously people, I'm going to land a full time job with benefits or die trying. I'm even getting certified as an instructor of BLS/CPR to open up doors, and obtaining my certification in ACLS/PALS to try too.

4- Waiting for the hubs new computer to get here. His MacBook Pro has lasted him quite some time, and quit literally has started to fall apart. So, the new MacBook Air should hopefully arrive today!

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