Three of My Blessings

12:30 AM

Alright, so it's time to introduce three of the major loves of my life. 

First and foremost, Kurt, the most amazing husband (or "husbud", a term I have picked up from my mother in love) anyone could ask/hope/pray for. He really is the biggest blessing in my life as he keeps me as level headed as possible with I need to be, and reminds me to just relax. He served our country for five years in the Navy, and I couldn't be more proud of him for the service he provided. He's a giant goofball, and while sometimes I might give him that look of, "enough babe!" He knows that I would never want him to lose this trait. Also, his love of all things Star Wars is amazing, as well as his expansive knowledge of everything to do with movies is impressive. You'll hear more and more about him in blogs to come I'm sure!

Then we have our wonderful children, ahem, dogs...Bear and Bailey. 

Bear is the most laid back and well behaved dog I have ever owned. He listens, does what you ask him to do, and thinks a jaunt around the block is plenty of exercise. He's three and acts about 10, and is 120 lbs of pure love. We know he's a lab and looks as if he could be pure bred, but we have no clue as Kurt rescued him while he was stationed in Spain . Recently, we found our Bear is epileptic. We found out after experiencing three gran mal seizures with him, which were each easily the most scary five minutes of my life. He's started on medication and getting back to himself!

Bailey is puppy through and through. She just turned one at the end of October, and is very much full of puppy energy. She wants to be on the move and play ALL day, and night much to our dismay, but we still love her to pieces. She's our little beauty queen...and knows it. Bailey was a rescue as well, and she's a chocolate lab, something mix. I've never owned a female dog before, and wow are they different. I love her to pieces and I think God brought her into our life for a reason. She tests our patience daily and proves to us no matter how difficult it may be, stick with the training with her, and love her unconditionally. We love watching her change and grow into a great dog.

I sure do love my husbud and pups!

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  1. I love them too!!!! AND I love their mama/wifey!!! Best brother, sister, nephew, and niece ever!!!! <3 you Emeigh family!!!!!!!
    <3 Jana

  2. Aw well they have one of the best aunties ever! Whom I also love a TON!


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