My Cup of Tea

1:00 PM

Super yummy tea, and can we talk about the amazing color it is!?!
Ok, so growing up I was never much of a tea drinker, at all. Recently in the last year or so hot tea has become my yummy drink of choice. On a rainy/cold day like today here in Bethlehem,  it is the perfect choice!
Teavana tea's are simply amazing!
While doing some Christmas shopping at the Lehigh Valley Mall, I came across Teavana. Now, this wasn't the FIRST time I've been to Teavana. It was my store of choice at the Kenwood Mall when we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. I don't think I can express the excitement I felt when I saw it here in the Lehigh Valley. I went on in and decided I would just have to go ahead and get a little Christmas gift, just for me! 
Youthberry and Wild Orange Blossom Tea
After browsing the AMAZING selection of teas they have there (seriously there are so many choices, and you can blend pretty much anything you want together.) I decided to go with the yummy sample of Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Blend . Maybe it's just my own little thing, but I think that loose leaf just plain tastes better. This tea is naturally slightly sweet, has a hint or orange, and an amazing berry flavor Not to mention, the smell that is in the air while this tea is steeping is to die for!
These lemon honey sticks are a staple when it comes to tea drinking.
Like I said before I was never much of a tea drinker until recently. When I started drinking tea, it was how I drank my coffee...with lots of sugar and extra "stuff" added to it. Now I've come to really love the flavor of tea! More often then not I can drink the tea straight up, and love it, but sometimes its nice to have a little hint of something extra in it, especially when you have a scratchy throat like I do today. So these little lemon honey sticks are the perfect addition to my tea! They are a little plastic straw that is sealed on both ends and has some lemon flavored honey inside, just waiting to be added to your drink of choice. I picked them up at our local Wegemans for a whopping $2.99...I think (don't hold me to that price!).They add the perfect amount of honey, as it's pre-portioned. Which is very helpful if you can be heavy handed like me sometimes. 

This is my cup of tea!

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  1. wow, sounds incredible! I love tea too, I will have to check out Teavana!


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