My Kind of Friday Night

10:01 PM

Vino + Crafting = My Kind of Friday Night. That's my kind of equation!

So, remember that really awesome craft idea that I had for displaying greeting cards, well I decided to pour myself a nice glass of organic wine
 (in a recycled material wine glass none the less) and gave it a shot! 

Supplies: wood ring, wood clothes pins, ribbon, glue gun, and glue gun sticks.
Yummy organic wine...seriously SO good!
These are the best wine glasses made from recycled materials!

I can't resist sharing the amazing deal that I got on these wine glasses. Four recycled glass wine glasses from The Bon-Ton on clearance for $1.99! 
Can't beat that!

On to the craft! So, I saw several different versions of this craft on several different blogs, and decided to just take my own spin on it. Basically, we don't have a fireplace or mantle to display the greeting cards that we get from all of our loving friends and family this holiday season. (ok, so we DO have a place to put them. However, it doesn't keep them out of reach from the pups.) We have lots of open wall space and figured why not take advantage of it!

Here is the end product!
I can't wait until this is full of cards!

I won't lie this didn't go off without a hitch...I had a few failed attempts at getting the clothes pins to stay attached to the ring, and switched the ribbon out last minute to some red ribbon that I had laying around, but overall I think it was a success! Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Just don't have TOO much vino or the crafts might not turn out as expected... :P


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