Chilly Outside...Chili Inside

1:40 PM

Seriously delicious!

One thing I like about this chilly weather is the foods that are so great to make and eat in them. While spending my daytime hours off (because I'm working night shift tonight), I made chili. I can almost hear you all saying "yum". 

This chili is a spin off of The Eat Clean Diet chili recipe. Made with all organic products it's doubly yummy, and great for you! It was made with diced tomatoes, white onion, garlic, kidney beans, chili beans mix, tomato juice, and bison. All purchased from our local Wegman's and farmer's market. It's so easy to make, give the ground bison a quick browning and throw the rest of it in the crock-pot for a couple hours, and you're set!

Enjoy! I'm off for a quick walk with the pups and then back to have a bowl of this chili myself!

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