Quick Visit "Home"

3:23 PM

The holiday season is always filled with lots of traveling to see friends and family. This week we made a quick trip "home" to Columbus, Ohio. Although, I haven't lived in Columbus since I was 18, I still call it home. There is something about Columbus that I love, you just have a good feeling here. Maybe it's the ability to see The "Shoe" (home of the buckeye's) from my parents house, driving by my high school, or knowing how to get anywhere without the use of my GPS that makes it feel like home. I love where we live now in Bethlehem, PA and quite honestly, wherever Kurt is makes it home to me.

We arrived yesterday to The Brake Family Christmas, a great tradition on the first Sunday after Christmas that has happened since my grandpa was a little boy. All of the Brake brothers and sisters get together with their children and grandchildren....no great grandchildren yet, and celebrate the season together. We get together visit, reminisce, and get up to speed on what is going on in their life. I haven't been to one in two years, and man has it felt good to be there with everyone! However, I did get mistaken for being pregnant (seriously going to hit the pavement when I get home), and while holding my cousin and attempting to get her to sleep she was mistaken as being my child....this must mean that we NEED to get home more often.  Kurt even got to give my great aunt a iPad tutorial...she loved it!

We've gotten our fill of our favorite Indian food, and soon Chipotle, YUM!

This was just what we needed after the busy weeks that Kurt and I have had, and it's been great to actually see my husbud for more than just a few short hours a day.

I hope that you all are having a great holiday season, just don't forget the true reason for the season...our amazing Jesus!

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