"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree"

5:34 PM

Kickin' off this blogging thing with the Holiday spirit! This week we put up our Christmas tree, and let me tell you, I love it! It seems that every year its a bit of an adventure to actually get the tree up and the way that you like it. First we went to a little Christmas tree farm here in Bethlehem, PA with most of the Emeigh clan in tow, after searching through the rows of Douglas, Concolor, and Fraser fir we decided on....the Fraser! Only to find out after getting it ALL the way back to be the most expensive tree on the farm.
Oh well! We LOVE our tree!

Ornaments from our first Christmas as well as from when we both were kids.

Once the tree made it home it was time to get it up and decorated...a challenge in itself. I don't know if this happens to your tree, but somehow between the ride home and getting it in the tree stand it becomes unable to stand up straight. No matter what we tried, it leaned forward and to the right. Our fix: a magazine and a devotional under one side of the stand and covered it with a tree skirt!

It's so great to be spending Christmas in our own house together, and I got in the decorating spirit. Here are a few other holiday decorations that I made/put up. Enjoy!

This was made from a vase from our wedding, peppermint candies,
and some flowers from a local craft store.

These little babies were a purchase that I made at our church's Christmas Boutique!
Love the maple scented taper in them.

Garland...that I think I've had since decorating my dorm at XU.

Great stocking hangers from Christmas Tree Shop...beware of that store, it's dangerous!

Stockings for a family of four: Me, Kurt, and our two 90+ lbs each of love Bear & Bailey!

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