Baby Favorites Part 2

2:02 PM

1.  Planet Wise Wet Bag - You don't have to cloth diaper to use these babies. We LOVE these bags in size small. They're perfect for the diaper bag to hold a couple diapers, dirty clothes, or really anything wet. 

2. Happy Munchies - Organic broccoli, kale & cheddar cheese is little man's flavor of choice. Low sodium, packed full of choline, and easy for baby to feed himself makes for one happy momma!

3. Babies 'R' Us Socks - These socks are the ONLY socks that will go a whole day and manage to stay on his feet! I believe they're the bootie style sock with little bubbles around them. They're inexpensive and come in a package of six in either all white, boy theme, or girl theme. 

4. Nature's Promise Organic Frozen Veggies -  These things you can throw on the stove, or steam in the bag in the microwave. They take just a few mins and are super budget friendly for baby food. At $2-3 a pop, I get typically 10 jars of food from just one bag!

5. Natursutten Pacifier - These are now the only pacifiers that we use, mainly because they are the only ones he will take. Made from natural rubber, the over sized round part rests on his nose when using it (great for BF mommas because it's similar to when they are nursing), and he never took to the orthodontic shape. He's not a huge pacifier user in the first place he is hot and cold with them in general, but when it's game on for a pacifier this is our go to!

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  1. oh i bet my little guy would love those munchies!


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