You're alright...You're Fine

6:11 PM

Some days, this is what our day looks like. A baby boy that is just not a happy camper and a momma that is doing her best to make baby boy a happy camper and keep herself sane. My mother-in-law pointed out that we always seem to stay so calm when our little monster (a term of endearment I assure you) is crying, throwing a fit, or having a total meltdown. I don't feel like I always am calm or have it together when he does, so I'll take the compliment. She also pointed out that whenever this situation is happening we often say, "You're're fine" to Josh like it's second nature and that maybe us saying it keeps us calm too, like we're reassuring ourselves as well. I never realized that we did it until she pointed it out, but it's so true. I guess we have our own little baby mantra! A total plus is it usually seems to work! Maybe it's because we're just repeating something to Josh that calms him, and maybe since we're repeating something it calms us, but whatever it is we get through the fit, crying, or meltdown without a momma or daddy meltdown too. In our book that is a success! So, here's to our mantra!

With Love,
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