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It's that time folks! Honestly, I don't care who you vote for, just do it! Of course I may hope it's for the candidate that I support, but honestly just do your duty and vote. Be heard!

Our morning was pretty easy voting except for one small bump in the road. We got to our local poll...which we realized we totally could have walked to (it ended up less than a block away), and there were maybe only five people ahead of us. We filled out our forms, everyone drooled over Joshua as per usual, and we waiting to sign the signature book. Everyone was very nice, super friendly, and not at all hectic like I had experienced before at other locations. I handed her my form and license, she found me and told me to sign right there. I signed and looked and thought it was funny Kurt's name wasn't around mine, but figured they have a system here I know nothing about. I took the boy and headed over and stood behind the whopping two people ahead of me as Kurt handed the same lady his form and ID. As I went in she said to him, "Hmm that's weird you're not in here."

I came out after casting my vote, walked over the the side table that Kurt was now at, and found a lady already on the phone trying to figure this out. Kurt and I went together to get our ID's and both said yes to be registered to vote at our new address. She quickly informed me that this was about the 8th person she had to do this for already that morning, and it was only 9am. After a few minutes of waiting, she had Kurt go ahead and fill out the registration form by hand while she was on hold, and soon she got her answer. Kurt's voter registration had been cancelled. Yes, cancelled. Apparently, it seems like he hadn't voted in two federal elections, which indeed is NOT the case. He was stationed out of the country for one and had an absentee ballot. Besides that we JUST got our new licenses and he said YES please register me. The poor guy who served his country in the NAVY in Puerto Rico, Spain, and as a block guard in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba was not allowed to vote. The lady was very apologetic and said she'd see to it this voter registration got to the right place but there was nothing more she could do...bummer city! At least she was very nice and helpful!

Either way, from here on out, we'll be seeking confirmation about our voting status to say the least. Get out there, have a great day, and make sure to vote!

With Love,
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