Kickin' off the Christmas Season!

10:15 PM

As if our boy didn't already take after his daddy lots, we can add a love for model/toy trains to the list! This weekend we visited Kozair's Christmas Village, and I am in love! It's easily going to become a yearly tradition in our family. I grew up visiting the Columbus Zoo lights every year no matter how cold it was to see all the lights, and since we really don't have a zoo close to us, this is the perfect substitute! With over 500,000 lights, the smell of baking chocolate cookies in the air, and Christmas tunes playing it was a perfect evening! Let me explain the cookie smell...they freaking bake fresh chocolate chip cookies all night and you can stop at two different stands and get a few for only $0.50 each and we totally got hot chocolate and hot cider too. 

Our boy slept almost the whole way there, and he needed that rest because once we got there he was swooning over the lights, the music, and yes even those wonderful trains!

So, here's to kicking off the Christmas season right!

With love,

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  1. I found your blog through Becky {From Mrs. to Mama!} It's so cute and I'm loving it!! :)

    My favorite time of year is right when the Christmas season is beginning. :) These pictures are super cute! Your little guy is precious! XO!

  2. Thanks lady! Have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for following!


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