He got a tooth...and I cried

9:09 PM

This is the story of how our little man got his first tooth, and I was the one that cried. It's expected around these parts that with a 7 month old child teeth are going to start sprouting. However, I feel like our poor child has been teething for the last two months (if not more). There have been endless amounts of drool, diarrhea, pulling at ears, baby boy cheeks covered in a rash, and quite a few tears. Then today when our boy went for one of his favorite chew toys, my chin, it actually stinkin' hurt! Now, I'm totally guilty of saying, "ouch" when it's totally not necessary, but this time it was totally necessary. Low and behold I was able to catch a glimpse of a what looked like the top of a snow covered mountain bursting through little man's gums. I immediately stuck my finger, yet another favorite chew toy, in to investigate and indeed we had a tooth folks! After a moment of laughing with him sitting there on the floor, 'cause he just thinks it's hilarious when we talk, I looked at my baby boy and just started to cry. I cried happy tears and sad tears. Happy, because this is so awesome! Our little guy has a tooth, he's growing just like he should, and is so healthy! Sad, because it's going just so darn quick. I feel like in just a blink of an eye 7 months have gone by. I still feel like he's that little baby I saw for the first time in the operating room right after my hubs looked at me, stepped aside, and said, "He's a Joshua babe!" We couldn't be more blessed to have this little guy as our son, and boy do we love him! Here's looking forward to many more milestones...followed by me crying!

With Love,
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  1. So well said - every milestone is bittersweet - I helps us remember to appreciate every minute of every adventure-filled day - No matter where that day takes us :)


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