First Haircut

8:29 PM

Today marks the day we went from this...

to this!

At 7 months old this boy needed a haircut! We've been putting it off for some time now due to a plan we had hatched for his first haircut in December while we were at Disney. However, the boy was seriously starting to look rough! It covered his eyes, was long and stringy in the back and just needed cleaned up! So, today we said bye bye to the long locks and have an adorable little crew cut. I opted just to cut it myself. It's way cheaper, not too difficult, and quite honestly in case I cried I didn't want to do it at a hair salon. I parked him in his high chair, put two bibs on, turned on Baby Einstein and started snipping. I didn't really realize how much hair he had until I was all done and I had a large pile that came from such a little head. I use the term "little" lightly, the kid had a 14.5 inch noggin' at birth 97 percentile...thank goodness for c-sections! Really, I had hoped for an all natural birth, but I said all along I wanted what was best for the boy and I. After starting into high blood pressures and having to be induced, and going through three days of labor in the hospital without progressing past 5-6cm I welcomed that c-section with open arms. There are many more details to his birth, but that's a whole other story. Getting a tooth and first haircut all in the same week! Our boy is just growing up way too fast!

With Love,
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