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Blogging along tonight with the lady over at Mommy and Her Meltdowns...

1. What do you wish someone had told you about pregnancy?

Honestly, how great it can be! I'm not trying to look through rose colored glasses here or anything, there are REALLY rough days in pregnancy. I feel like though that everyone focused on the negatives telling me, "You're going to be SO sick!" or "Just wait for those stretch marks." I ended up trying to focus so much on the positives of being pregnant when I was pregnant because of this. Again, I had some rough days, or quite a few. But those aren't what I remember now!

2. What do you wish someone had told you about labor and delivery?

There really wasn't anything anyone didn't tell me, 'cause let's be honest this is something people usually have no problem letting you know all the details about! Usually, it's every one's horror story for delivery. I'm a nurse I know the basics, not all the details because I don't work in anything close to labor and delivery, but I had an idea of how things would go, and we went in with a very open birth plan at all!

3. What did you feel when you delivered, emotionally and physically?

Emotionally I was exploding, but on the inside. I'm probably one of a handful of women (or at least I feel like it) that didn't cry when our boy was born. I almost have guilt about it, but I didn't cry at our wedding either, but I cry watching Homeward Bound...makes sense, right?! I had a c-section so hubs held our boy first, and while yes it would have been great having him put right on my chest after he was born, there was something so fantastic about looking over and seeing him in his daddy's arms and him looking over at me with the proudest look on his face that can never be replaced. Physically, I felt SO much relief! I was exhausted after over 48 hours of labor in the stinkin' hospital! I was also going nuts because thanks to my sock falling off my foot while I got my spinal I spent the entire 25 ish mins on that table feeling like my sock was half on my foot.

4. How long after delivery did it take for you to feel physically normal again?

I had a fantastic c-section with no complications and a great recovery. I wanted to get out of bed two hours after and wasn't allowed...darn rules! Once we got home I had the wonderful elephant ankles thanks to fluid shift, and soreness from over do-ing it sometimes, but I'd say after a couple weeks I for the most part felt back to normal. I still have some soreness around my incision, and of course my stomach is not back to normal yet, but I figure it took almost 10 months to get that way, give it at least that to get back to where it was or better.

5. What is the best thing about being a new mom?

My bond with my son. There are many nights I just sit staring at him while either dancing or rocking him to sleep that I cry. I cry because I'm so happy he's ours, so happy he's healthy, and so happy that we were blessed with being his parents and get to watch him grow.

6. What is the most unexpected thing about being a new mom?

You totally lose your modesty to a point...especially being a breast feeding momma.

7. Do you miss being pregnant?

Yes. Flat out yes. I had a pretty easy pregnancy, rough days that are expected, but really pretty smooth sailing. I miss knowing my boy was safe inside me, his kicks, and carrying him with me all day. Looking back I pretty much loved being pregnant, though at the time I may not have acted it. That being said, I love love love having him and getting to snuggle him.

8. How many kids do you want? How do you want them spaced and why?

We're thinking four. We're each from a family of four kids and we liked it. When it comes to spacing we'll totally play it by ear. The one thing I know is there was a very large age difference between me and my next siblings due to re-marriage and I do not want that. While I'm very close with my sibs, I wish I had the growing up memories and bond that the hubs has with his siblings all being only a couple years apart.

9. Is it hard seeing how fast they grow and how do you handle it?

It's incredibly hard. I leave him for an eight hour shift at the hospital and come home thinking he's changed in just that amount of time. I handle it by just loving it! It's natural, it's what all kids do, and it's what all parents experience. I soak up my time with him, and started to journal our days here and there to remember it all.

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